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As a director/writer and creative the DNA of my work is to come up with bright ideas and turn those ideas into films that engage, inspire, touch hearts and change minds. I’m a committed and passionate creative who gives sparkling value that speaks experience. I work in London and the Middle East and I’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience making films for corporate communications clients; with ngo’s and in advertising. Give me your communication problem, an issue, a cause, and I’ll solve it through creative thinking and the vision of a director.

Awards : 2014: New York Film & TV Award – Gold for Recruitment; RasGas ‘Secret of my Success’. 2013: 2 New York Film & TV Awards - Platinum & Gold Awards (Best Editing & Technical Production Team) for ‘Be Amusing’ ;
2012 : Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award Black Dolphin Winner (Best Editing) ‘Be Amusing’ ; 3 Marcom’s Awards, Platinum (Best Recruitment) for ‘Living in Qatar’, Gold for ‘Be Amusing’, Platinum (Internal Comms) ‘Workplace of Choice’ film. IVCA Silver (Best Recruitment film) for ‘Step Up’ & IVCA Bronze (Charity/Welfare film) ‘The Stroke Project’.
2011 : IVCA Bronze (Best Script) for ‘Nat Geo Appeal’.
2009 : IVCA Clarion Award (Best Video) ‘Torn’. IVCA Silver (Documentary) ‘Torn’ & Bronze (Welfare/Charity)'Torn’ .
Previous : 4 New York Film & TV Awards for corporate documentary;1991, 2005, 2006,
CiB (Comm’s in Business) Class Winner 2007.

Contact - 07973 909741 International 00 44 7973 909741

  1. The Secret of My Success

    Writer and director of a short recruitment film for Rasgas in Qatar aimed at young locals; produced through Resolution Productions locally. The client brief asked for a film that would bring to life and give visual expression to the secret that lay behind their success in the organisation.

  2. Step Up

    Concept and direction: made for PWC. An IVCA Silver Award winner in Recruitment/Induction.

  3. Torn

    Winner of 3 awards: a prestigious IVCA Clarion for Best Video, two IVCA Awards - Silver for Documentary and a Bronze for Best Charity/Welfare.

    Immigration is a major issue in British politics and the media in Britain. I set out to dig deeper into the story as so much of what I saw and heard felt like persecution and prejudice.
    What followed was a personal journey of exploration behind the headlines. Eventually I met someone from a charity working with refugee's, who was keen to make a film addressing the human side and the everyday realities faced by people arriving in Britain. I met some remarkable people who told some extraordinary story's and selected three of them to be in the film. Torn is a campaigning film and, I hope, a testament to the human cost of asylum and a plea for inclusion.

  4. Be...

    Concept & Director; produced through Resolution Films in Doha, Qatar for their client Qatar Museums Authority (QMA). Recruitment film.

  5. STV Glasgow Generic Filler

    A 'filler' produced for the new channel STV Glasgow that's all about Glasgow and it's people…as told to me by the people themselves. The lady at the end of the film deserves an Equity card. She's priceless.

  6. 'This is a film about Sidra...'

    Commissioned by Sidra in Qatar and made by Resolution Productions. I was working as their Creative Director and it was the first sizeable project I directed for the company. Sidra (the client) is set to become one of the largest medical research developments in the world. The organisation wanted a film that would help with a worldwide recruitment drive as they gear up to staff the expanding institution. They asked for a film that would tell a story about life in Qatar from the point of view of ex-pat's with a medical background. We found 3 families willing to take part and the task then was to weave together their stories and create parallel narratives that would bounce off each other. 'This is a film about Sidra' were the opening words uttered by the Erskine's young son at the beginning of the film. The film had a huge impact via the social networks out there.